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Recycle Paper for a Greener Tomorrow

April 21, 2011


It is often heard that the earth today is in the edge of global warming and there is an earnest need to act upon it. The root cause of global warming is the cutting of trees and demolition of the forest area. More than half of the trees that are cut down are used in the production of paper. Pulp of 17 trees is required to produce a single paper. This is the reason why paper recycling has been got profound fondness with the changing time.

 It is observed that most of the trash today constitutes paper bits in it. If those papers could be recycled then huge amount of energy can be saved. The added advantage is that the whole concept of paper recycling is economical and ecofriendly.

 Moreover, manufacturing of paper involves harmful chemicals such as limestone, sulfur and bleach that when react with the environment might turn hazardous to the living beings. Looking at the drawbacks the possible solution to protect our nature is to save plants. First step to save the environment is to recycle paper and use them effectively. Nonetheless, adopting recycled papers will not just save our natural resources but will save the mankind from being affected by dangerous gases. Even decomposition of paper is not advisable as they release methane, greenhouse gases that play a key role in climatic variations. 

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