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Importance of using a paper shredder

May 18, 2011


A paper shredder is one of the most important pieces of household equipment you can own.  When looking to discard your old financial documents, it is important that you properly destroy these items so that nobody can figure out what your account numbers are.  If someone is able to gain access to your financial account numbers such as your credit cards or bank accounts, he or she could conceivably make unauthorized purchases using your accounts without you knowing until it is too late.  Also, if someone was to find an old document that had your social security number on it, he or she would be able to open up new lines of credit in your name, essentially stealing your identity and ruining your credit in the process.

Because there can be such dramatic negative effects associated with someone stealing your financial account numbers, it is important that you properly dispose of your old documents using a paper shredder.  Using a paper shredder to destroy any paper items you are going to throw away will ensure that no one will be able to dig through your trash and piece together your old financial documents to learn your account numbers.

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