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How to choose the best paper shredders

June 16, 2011


A great way to get rid of old and unnecessary files is by hiring a competent shredding company. Most of these companies will be more than happy to serve you on site, off site and even provide remote service where in the documents are shredded right inside the vehicles. And because there are a lot of service providers nowadays, it can be very difficult to choose the one where you will get the service from. So here are some questions that will help you qualify the best shredders Toronto:

Do they have on site service? The onsite service is very important, especially if you create highly confidential files. Some corporate owners would want to destroy these files on their presence. Coming down to where the shredder company operates may not be possible and the transportation of the documents may be risky. This is when on site service is needed, the shredding company would destroy the documents inside your office, so there’s no need to transportation and you can witness the process yourself.

Do they provide storage containers with lock? This is another important aspect that must be considered because you will need it. Most offices will collect old documents and keep them locked together in one place to avoid being accessed by their employees or just anybody. This will keep you organize and would ensure security.

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