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Document Shredding: Why Should You Outsource?

March 03, 2015


In recent years, the idea of outsourcing some services has become the in-thing for companies looking to cut costs. Document shredding in this regard has not been left out as many corporate and businesses have realized that they can make a big saving in resources by having their unwanted or no longer used documents shredded by professional reputable shredding service providers. But before rushing to hire just about any available shredding service provider in the market, it is important to note that care must be taken as this person or firm will be handling confidential and important documents that can be used by unscrupulous individuals to hurt your business or organization.

Focusing on the word “outsource”

While the word outsourcing in general may have a number of negative connotations, the truth in the ground is that a lot of companies “outsource” a great number of services every month. For example, different types of factories often hire outside professionals to keep the uniforms clean and ready for wear, restaurants are always hiring outsiders to stock and keep the bathrooms clean, a lot of business premises have outside experts that clean and keep the place tidy every week, and so forth.

So, there should be no stigma associated with hiring outside help to take care of some of your business needs. This includes destroying the no longer wanted documents, regardless of their importance, or that the business produces every single day in its normal operations.

Why should you hire a professional document destruction service?

The benefits you get from hiring a professional document destruction service include:

1.    Proof of destruction in form of a Certificate of Destruction that show all documents were actually destroyed. In simple terms, a hired on-site shredding service destroys all the documents offered for destruction, leaving a certificate of destruction as proof of a well done job. This decreases the risk of liability for the company.

2.    Money saving. If you opt for your business to shred its own documents, then be prepared to pay a hefty initial capital investment in form of buying a shredding machine, its maintenance, training a person to use it and paying him to actually do the job. This all consumes a lot of money that could otherwise be used elsewhere to grow the business. It also ends up eating quite a huge chunk of your profits. This all can be avoided by hiring an outside professional document destruction service as they have all the needed equipments and expertise to do a perfect job. You actually end up saving quite a bit of money by hiring this service as opposed to running a whole department that is charged with document destruction duties.

It also cost a lot of money to have the shredded output safely taken away for disposal. Simply put, you can’t just put the shredded pieces in a garbage bag since a dedicated fraudster can take the garbage away and get all the scraps back together.

Fortunately, with almost zero investment and a very small monthly payment, you can have all the unwanted documents professionally obliterated and then efficiently disposed of at no additional cost.

3.    Professional document shredding services eliminate internal fraud. Because hired document destruction shredders collect documents in locked bins, meaning that they never actually sees them except as their poured masses in the shredder, your privacy is assured. This is not the case when an employee does the shredding task as he is virtually obligated to look at each document as he feeds it into the shredder.

4.    By hiring an outside document shredding service, you are able to free up time for employees to do other important work in your company and hence enhancing productivity.

5.    Responsibly disposes of the shredded pieces and hence effectively taking care of the environment. In-house shredding in most cases is wasteful and environmentally polluting as waste materials is bagged up in bulk and then deposited into dumpsters unsorted. This is a very unsafe way of waste disposal, particularly when it comes to things environment. The best of on-site document destruction services efficiently recycle the shredded materials for reuse.

As it can be seen from the above listed benefits, on-site shredding is mostly risk free unlike in-house document destruction. Because all the documents, confidential or otherwise, to be shredded are destroyed by professionals with both the expertise and industrial grade shredding tools, no amount of money is required to purchase the machines or spent on training. And since all the documents are shredded when a company’s representative is looking on, you won’t have to just trust the word of the service provider that all of them were actually destroyed and thereafter, properly disposed off.

Best of all, the shredders used by professional document destructive firms shred documents in a matter of minutes, something that can’t be achieved with standard office shredders. Last but not the least, a reputable and reliable shredding service provider takes care of the noise, dust and disposal bothers that are associated with document shredding, all in one tidy package!

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