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Document Destruction Services by Shredding Companies

April 21, 2011


Things like document theft can affect a company, leading to misuse of the information. Thus, simply throwing away the papers into the trash will not work as they can be accessed back. One way of dealing with this issue is by employing a professional shredding company, which will ensure both offsite and onsite destruction of confidential documents.

Onsite shredding services work in the following way. A truck is sent at the address which the client has mentioned, and then with the help of shredding machine, all the documents are destroyed. Meanwhile, the client can watch all the action in a CCTV, ensuring that the procedure is fair. Moreover, shredding companies give storage cans which can be locked in order to save the documents for future shredding. They also provide a certificate declaring the act of destruction.

However, when the parking area is not sufficient or due to some other reasons, client requests for offsite destruction, then shredding companies send a vehicle to bring the storage cans to their warehouse. Then, the process is carried out. Even here, CCTV cameras are fitted through which client can monitor all the procedure. Certificate is also issued in this case. For residential and small scale businesses where the paper volume is not high enough, shredding companies allow them to discard the information at the collection centers.

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