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Do not throw out important documents without shredding them first

May 18, 2011


While it may be tempting to throw away old bank statements, credit card bills, or other documents that contain sensitive information if you no longer have a need for it, you will want to discard of these documents in an appropriate manner so that no one is able to find your important information.  In order to keep people from being able to find your social security number, credit card number, or bank account number, you will need to run your important documents through a shredder before throwing them in the trash. 

Running your old documents through a shredder is the only way to ensure that the paper is properly destroyed so that no one can read the contents should they come across the paper.  If you just tear the paper into pieces you may not destroy the sensitive information, which will allow others to still be able to view it and use it for negative reasons.  When running your old documents through a shredder, your paper will be destroyed in an appropriate manner where no one will be able to read its contents.  Also, no one will be able to piece the paper back together after it has been shredded, keeping your sensitive information secure.

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