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Different types of paper shredders Toronto

June 16, 2011


With the huge demand for shredding services, a lot of manufacturers are improving and constructing more innovative machines dedicated to shredding pieces of paper for both personal and business use. Today there are a lot of available models in the market. Each one outstand the other by simply providing more reliability, faster shredding service and other amazing features. Here are the different types of shredding machines:
•    Strip-Cut Shredders
The strip cut paper shredders uses a rotating blade that is used to cut the paper into long strips. This type is not as great as the others, because anyone can simply tape back or reassemble the files. However there is some strip cut shredders that cut the papers so thinly that it would take so much time for anyone to put them back together.

•    Cross cut shredders
Some people call this a confetti shredder because of the way the paper looks after being cut. This machine cuts the paper into a 3/8 inch to 1/38 inch diagonal shape. This type is one of the most popular of all because of the security it provides.

•    Micro cut shredders
This type cut a regular sized paper into more than 12,000 pieces. This is probably one of the most expensive types and can mostly be seen at science laboratories and government agencies.

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