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A looking glass into document shredding

July 15, 2011



As a child, you may often have seen curly ribbons and white paper strips as you rummage through your dad’s office trash can. As you grew older, you may have often seen the same in school offices and in hospital clinics. You may even have asked what they were and discovered that they were shredded documents. Seriously, what is the point of document shredding? It’s understandable for you to wonder why document shredding is so important if you don’t work around sensitive and confidential information.

Such information can be used against the person who owns it. For instance, an address can be used to track someone down and, hypothetically, cause malice to a victim. It could, on occasion, be used to plague your mailbox with unsolicited mail. A person’s name and address is like a welcome note for stalkers or identity thieves. In fact, this information can be used to hack into a person’s bank account. The grave consequences of identity theft don’t end there, and this short article cannot cover all the potential of personal information falling into the wrong hands. Therefore, protecting sensitive information is very important.

Identity theft is wider spread in developed countries in the world, such as the US, UK, and Canada. This is why, if you own a business in one of these countries, especially, Canada, you must put heavy consideration into hiring document shredding services in Toronto

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