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2 Interesting Things About Paper Recycling You Might Want To Know

November 12, 2012


Paper is one of the main components when it comes to municipal waste and recycling it should be one of our top priorities. For example, recycled paper can be used to make paper bags, newspapers and magazines? Recycling the paper is a great way of preserving our planet and stopping tree cuts.

Recycling saves space in landfills

A tone of paper can save a few cubic yards in a landfill and this is a good thing. Also, the trees will live longer and they will help purify the atmosphere. That is because woods absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen which is always good for health.

A few words about recycling limitations

Although it is great to recycle paper, there are a few limitations. For example, papers can be recycled up to seven times before they will become so weak and practically useless. However, throughout all those recycling processes, a lot of trees have been spared and jobs have been created. It is every man’s duty to help as much as he can and encourage paper recycling in order to save this beautiful planet.

Unfortunately, not all quantities of papers can be recycled but big progresses have been made in this regard. For example, more than half of all the papers that are consumed in America are recycled every year.

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