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How To Reduce Data Breaches In Healthcare

February 15, 2023


Unfortunately, data breaches are common. With majority of documents being online nowadays, it is easy for hackers to gain access to your files. And, if there are confidential or personal documents stored online, they will use your lack of security to their advantage.

Here are some ways to reduce data breaches in healthcare.

Cyber Security Budget

If your company doesn’t have a cyber security budget, then it is time to set one. You should have advanced network security to help prevent any hackers from getting into your network. You can also set up software indicators that will let you know if unknown devices are trying to get into your systems.

Improve Network Security

Whether you change the password every month or limit it to certain devices, you should ensure you network is secure. Make sure very few people know your Wi-Fi password and keep track of every device using your network. Change your password as frequently as you can to keep any hackers from figuring it out.

Separate Patient Information

Make sure that all of your patients’ information is stored on a different network. Having patient information combined with your company’s information can cause issues in the future. You should also have all your information stored in physical copies. This way, you have physical documentation and can wipe your systems if needed without the fear that all information is gone.

Employee Training

Make sure your employee’s are well aware of your security measures. Everyone should know where files go and how to ensure they are safe. Make sure to keep your employee training up-to-date, this way it is always fresh in their minds.

Securely Destroy Information

If you choose to get rid of documents, make sure you do so properly. Contact a professional to securely remove the documents, and certifiably destroy the information on them, so there is no chance of a hacker getting a hold of it.

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